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Welcome to Funny Bunches of Goats

ADGA Nigerian dwarf Breeder,

We produce High Quality Dairy Goats for shows and milk production as well as beautiful goats who will make good pets.

     It all started in 2018 with Brady, our first goat. We all know you cant just have 1 goat so we got her a friend. Well they had babies, this started the Bunches. They made us laugh and We became Funny Bunches Of Goats.

     We have since upgraded our herd to have excellent bloodlines and we attend Goat Shows Seasonally. We breed for Quality, Milk Production as well as beautiful Colors.

     We Bottle train our kids but allow their mothers to raise them, bottle feeding with mom ensures super friendly kids for your enjoyment.

private event appearance for kids to play and feed baby goats

Meet Our Funny Bunches of Goats

A Goat Breeder Offering Goat Yoga and Petting Parties

At Funny Bunches of Goats, we bring joy and laughter to everyone who encounters our petting zoo. Our goats are spoiled, friendly and love to interact with visitors. We offer unique experiences such as goat yoga, private party appearances, and public events as well as farm tours with goat playtime that you won't find anywhere else.


What We Offer

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